For the children. For the future..

MERENTIS is dedicated

Every day we live and work in a world that offers us endless possibilities. We are used to taking advantage of these opportunities and making the best of them for ourselves. But we are also aware that we have particularly good conditions – and as human beings we have had them from an early age. That is why we are where we are today, globally and personally. Every day, however, we see that there are many who are less fortunate. We see it as our responsibility as a company to give something back to society.

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The children are the focus

MERENTIS is particularly committed to children and supports children’s aid projects in Bremen and around the world. We are convinced that a good childhood, with enough food, time and money for education and sufficient support in times of need, is the best basis for a self-determined and content adult life and therefore for a positively developing society.
Specifically, we support among others the children’s hospice Löwenherz e.V. in Syke. In addition to the basic needs for food and education, MERENTIS gives top priority to children’s sporting activities. For this reason, we support regional sports projects such as the girls’ football support programme at Bremerhaven schools as well as the handicap teams of the OSC Bremerhaven and TSV Achim.

Donations instead of gifts

It has become a tradition for MERENTIS to refrain from giving expensive gifts to customers, partners and employees at Christmas and instead make monetary donations to social projects and institutions.