The right consultation for a fully integrated digital future

The digital transformation enables lots of opportunities and simultaneously ensures a fundamental change of traditional business processes. For future realignment, restructuring, and optimisation of your business processes the MERENTIS GmbH assists you collaboratively with its technical specialists. Together, we define your individual goals and point out all possibilities for your own digitalisation. Starting with the recording and analysis of processes, continuing with the conception and implementation of your individual solution, as well as all needed certification, the whole product cycle is covered by us.

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In over 20 years we continuously grew with the newest innovations and technologies. In the wake of the constant search for recent developments in technology a research and development department was established: here the newest technologies are evaluated, tested and introduced into production. Additionally, the MERENTIS GmbH has started a digitisation network 2 years ago. This combination of different organisations and companies from various industries enables an exchange that leads to common challenges and goals, new ideas and exciting projects within the global digital shift. What are you waiting for? Profit with us and add value to your ongoing and future projects!