With a suitable ECM & CSP strategy into a successful digitalisation

For a successful digitisation of business processes and enterprise systems, it is essential to have a digitalisation strategy that integrates all operations, departments and technologies into the whole organisation. In order to achieve this goal, many businesses are faced with the challenge of building a holistic and intelligent strategy.

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In the past, the creation, management and sharing of content, as well as the way in which employees collaborate based on this content, were solved by intelligent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The rapid developments resulting from digital transformation also bring about a major change in the ECM sector. In recent years, traditional ECM has evolved from self-contained systems, storage spaces and repositories to open services and will soon be completely replaced by Content Services Platforms, or CSPs for short. By applying an intelligent strategy, the provision, analysis and archiving of all company-relevant data can be synchronised. Likewise, classic processes such as input management, document management, collaboration, web content management, electronic processes, e-files, workflows or electronic archiving can be logically combined.
As an experienced partner in overcoming this challenge, MERENTIS GmbH has been acting as a professional consultant for over 20 years. By working closely with you, we also record, plan and implement your content services and ECM strategy. The development of a robust, flexible and sustainable strategy is the basis of our work. We at MERENTIS ensure that your individual, strategic and operative Content Services goals become reality.