Mobile Strategy

The workplace of today is mobile

As digitalisation progresses, the integration of mobile devices and solutions into existing processes and systems is becoming increasingly important. Through the use of mobile solutions companies and their employees can work more flexibly and efficiently and automate processes effectively. Whether you want to use mobile applications on the road, in production facilities or in maintenance, the use cases are limitless. Smart Glasses, such as VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) glasses will also become part of everyday work in more and more areas in the future. A technology-supported workplace first needs the right mobile strategy.

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We at MERENTIS are happy to advise and accompany you in the introduction of mobile technologies and applications in your company. Together, we analyse your processes and potentials and develop an individual mobile strategy. Benefit from our many years of experience from numerous projects, which we have built up in a wide range of industries and business areas.