Process Automation

RPA & KI – Automate processes, increase efficiency

With the help of modern automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), the productivity and quality of business processes can be sustainably increased. This can be achieved, for example, in the form of automatic and error-free handling of routine tasks that were previously performed manually. For this reason, intelligent software robots have already been successfully established in many large companies. The incentives are noticeable increases in efficiency, manageable investment costs and short payback periods, which make RPAs a low-risk investment.

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We at MERENTIS are your professional partner for the automation of your business processes. We analyse your corporate processes and treat each project individually in order to meet your specific requirements, processes and structures. Benefit from our experienced specialists, who have already realised various RPA projects. We would be happy to accompany you throughout the entire project and help you from process selection and evaluation to implementation and integration into your infrastructure.