Information Platforms & Social Collaboration

Increase efficiency, promote communication & share knowledge

Are you looking for a modern solution that connects your employees, information and processes? Then create a central information, work and communication platform for your entire organisation now. Whether as an intranet for distributing content within a company or as a web portal to provide your employees, customers, partners or suppliers with a common platform for effective and efficient collaboration: Through internal information and learning platforms, knowledge management can be brought to a whole new level on the way to a learning organisation. With the help of social collaboration tools, content can be developed more efficiently and used by the right people.

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Wikis and blogs serve to distribute expert knowledge within your organisation and can reduce search times and the occurrence of internal queries significantly. In addition, they make a fundamental contribution to the promotion of innovation and to the strengthening of internal company collaboration. We at MERENTIS help you to integrate and develop your platform. With many years of experience and various reference projects with well-known customers, we are the right partner at your side. Together with you, we will fully utilise your potential and let your employees communicate and work together intuitively. Our solutions, whether as social intranet, web portal, corporate platform, learning platform or digital workspace, are made accessible for mobile users and guarantee the security of your information, documents and personal data.