The workplace of today is mobile

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are currently on everyone’s lips and stand for intelligent networking of man and machine as well as the transformation of processes and procedures. Mobile apps are a vital requirement in order to achieve optimal networking.
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As a result of this development, company processes, which can currently only take place on a desktop PC or even be used by forms according to the “paper economy principle”, must be transferred to mobile devices and be available to the user at all times in day-to-day business. However, most companies have individual standard software solutions and systems that support different tasks in the business process. As a result, small software islands exist separately next to each other, which must be taken into account during mobilisation. This is where we at MERENTIS come in: With our own products we integrate the necessary bridges to your individual systems. Thus, with the help of the M/obile Suite, we consistently transport digitised processes to the mobile devices of our customers. By using our M/Builder, different data sources can be controlled and made available as a logical data process for mobile use. At the same time, a bidirectional data flow ensures that tasks completed by mobile devices or mobile data entries are available directly to the core systems of the company. With considerable time and cost savings, some customers from different industries and areas are already benefiting from using a mobile solution from MERENTIS. We would be happy to mobilise your data and processes, don’t hesitate and contact us.