IT Security

IT-Security and Networking…

…sure, you need it, everybody thinks when they hear those buzzwords. But what exactly do we do in this area? What one encounters at one’s own workplace in this context is virus protection and regular updates. We offer you the operation of the necessary servers and infrastructure. As a supplement, we actively carry out regular scans for weak points in your entire IT landscape, because not only clients or servers have weak points, but also network components or e.g. multifunctional devices can have critical security gaps.


But security in IT goes further: We operate firewalls for you, no matter whether you want to secure your internal systems against the Internet, or internally your production or data centers from other network areas of your company. Should there be any disruptions in the communication of your systems, we will analyse the situation and help you to get back to normal operation. Additionally, we offer you the operation of services in the network, be it the operation of IP management, video conference systems, web servers or e.g. automated data transfer between your SAP systems.

Please contact us. We do not shy away from new topics and find a solution together with you! If necessary of course 24x7x52.