The right solution for your digitalisation strategy

The path to a digital future affects every company today and leads to significant changes in various business processes, regardless of industry. For us at the MERENTIS GmbH, digital transformation has been firmly anchored in our core business for many years. Every day we support companies on their way into the digital age and help them recognise the potential that modern innovations and technologies have in store for you.


The digitisation strategy of many customers pursues the primary goal of connecting the various company systems and isolated applications through intelligent Content Services Platforms in order to create central access to data, content and information, to share knowledge and to achieve sustained greater efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day business. Within this framework, motivated by the acute shortage of skilled workers in many specialist areas, many companies also rely on intelligent process automation, which significantly relieves valuable employees and eliminates frequent sources of error. The introduction of mobile solutions, whether in production, maintenance or logistics, is also an integral part of the digital transformation. In order to master these goals and challenges, we at MERENTIS have been developing and researching high-quality software products and solutions for more than 20 years, optimising the daily business processes of our customers. In the past, we have been able to position ourselves as a strong digitalisation partner for many well-known customers.