Creating added value – with a digital incoming invoice management

Digitalisation or not, in many companies invoices are still traditionally sent and received in paper form. But manually processing these incoming documents is often enormously time- and labour-intensive and often very prone to errors. For more efficiency and effectiveness in invoice processing, we at MERENTIS have been offering intelligent incoming invoice management (ERM) solutions for many years.

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From the digital mailroom to full automation, we at MERENTIS can optimise your entire invoice processing and immediately achieve large time and cost savings compared to your conventional invoice processing. For the implementation of ERM solutions, MERENTIS has a strong partner in ABBYY, who enables the capture of content with tablets and smartphones for reuse in business processes with Intelligent Capture solutions, digital data capture or mobile capture. ABBYY has, among other things, artificial intelligence technologies at its disposal, which means that automated software solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be enriched with AI technologies and thus further optimised.
We would also like to be a strong partner for you in the digitisation of your incoming invoice processing. Based on your individual requirements, processes and existing systems, we will work with you to develop a first-class, highly innovative ERM solution that can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.