M/Archive Suite for MS SharePoint

GoBD-compliant archiving with SharePoint

The MERENTIS product M/Archive Suite for SharePoint is a scalable product, which extends SharePoint with, among other things, the function of audit-proof archiving, an essential necessity in any company today. At the same time, the M/Archive Suite, acting as intelligent middleware, connects different repositories, mass storage and archiving systems with each other.

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With revision-proof archiving, all metadata is transferred in addition to the document itself. The entire archiving process is controlled by the information management guidelines of the SharePoint Server, whereby you determine the storage location, the check and the type of archiving yourself. A simple cross-system search allows you to find all documents from SharePoint and makes them available with a single click. Furthermore, M/Archive for SharePoint takes over the access rights from Microsoft AD, so that only authorised users have access to confidential information. Furthermore, you can consolidate your archive landscape – without costly migrations, but during operation and unnoticed by your users. The M/Archive Suite for SharePoint is certified by a leading auditing firm in accordance with the principles for the proper management and retention of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access (GoBD). This gives you the necessary security in meeting compliance requirements.
You too can expand your SharePoint with the M/Archive Suite to archive GoBD-compliant in the future. We would be happy to send you further information on the product: MERENTIS | M/Archive Suite for SharePoint