M/Builder for Content Services & ECM

Centralise and optimise content and information with the M/Builder for Content Services

The M/Builder for Content Services is the solution by MERENTIS to connect all content and data systems of your company and to make relevant information centralised, accessible and usable for your users. This includes any industry standard applications, various ECM systems and both cloud based and local file sharing systems. The Content Services Tool offers a central interface for direct access to all data, documents and processes and bundles the complex application structures of companies and organisations and their advantages under a unifying dashboard.

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Electronic files can put an end to the chaos in your folder structure and intelligently replace your overcrowded file system. Create documents that can be conveniently edited, forwarded, stored user-optimised and archived audit-proof. By integrating common Microsoft Office components and services such as Word, Excel and Outlook as well as your personal file systems, you can easily access existing or self-formatted document templates, e.g. for the creation of contracts, which then run through the normal workflow. With the M/Builder you control and manage these workflows immediately and consequently benefit from shortened response times. This way you can avoid misdirected information, you have an overview of your processes and workflows at any time and optimise them with automatically generated reports. The integration of RPA modules into the M/Builder also creates significant added value to your business. Manual, rule-based and recurring tasks can be automated and your digital processes extremely accelerated.

No matter whether via desktop PC or mobile devices, the M/Builder for Content Services impresses with a dynamic and user-friendly interface, which combines all relevant content and makes your daily work much easier. Make use of all advantages and potentials of your existing systems using a uniform and central user interface with MERENTIS and the M/Builder for Content Services.