M/Digital Mailroom

Digitisation of the entire Incoming Mail Processing

The M/Digital Mailroom is the comprehensive solution for capturing, classifying, processing and validating company data. Whether paper-based or digital documents, it enables the logical reading of relevant data and then makes it available where it is needed for further processing.

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The M/Digital Mailroom has the ability to identify the document and data input and distinguish whether the incoming information is an invoice, a complaint form, a delivery note or advertising. The intelligent capture function then processes the document accordingly. The solution provided by MERENTIS can easily be extended with additional components: Contracts can be read out, compared and transferred to a digital contract management system, linked to an incoming invoice management or complaint management system. As a result, the M/Digital Mailroom can be individually expanded for all departments of a company without any media disruption. Using a simple workflow designer, the distribution of internal mail to several colleagues including dependencies can be set up practically and easily. In addition to notification, this also includes approval workflows, as is usual with incoming invoices, for example. MERENTIS is a certified partner in the area of Intelligent Capturing and has been working successfully with Kofax for many years. The M/Digital Mailroom can be implemented in the systems Saperion as well as Microsoft SharePoint.

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