Process Automation

Process automation with innovative software robots

The automation of core processes through the use of software robots already creates great added value for many companies by enabling fully automated handling of business processes. Especially the considerable time and cost savings are convincing. Likewise, many companies are now in a position to counteract the lack of specialised staff and free valuable employees from dull tasks. The innovation technology Robotic Process Automation (RPA) used for this purpose has the ability to imitate human interaction with software systems.

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In the future, enriched with artificial intelligence (AI), software robots will be able to perform increasingly complex tasks without error. The innovation technology can be flexibly adapted to the individual business processes and structures of companies, making the areas of application almost limitless. We at MERENTIS are happy to assist you in the automation of your business processes. From process consulting to the development and integration of the robot, MERENTIS is optimally positioned. Through the use of standard software and partnerships with established software houses, our specialists and software developers are familiar with qualified automation technologies.